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  • New Entry Period for Diversity Visa Program (DV- 2019)

    Addis Ababa, October 16, 2017;  Due to technical issues, the registration period for DV-2019 is being restarted, and all entries made prior to October 18, 2017, will need to be resubmitted for the entrant to be considered. We regret the inconvenience to Diversity Visa entrants.

    The new registration period for DV-2019 opens for electronic entries at noon, Eastern Daylight Time, Wednesday, October 18, 2017, and closes at noon, Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

    If you entered before Wednesday, October 18, 2017, that entry will not be considered, and you will need to submit another entry during the new registration period. You may submit one new entry without being disqualified for submitting multiple entries. Individuals who submit more than one entry during the new registration period will be disqualified.

    Applicants can access the electronic DV entry form (E-DV) at the official E-DV website, dvlottery.state.gov, during the registration period. DV instructions also are available on the Department of State’s public webpage at usvisas.state.gov/dv/ instructions.


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  • Dove apologises for 'racist' Facebook advertising campaign

    This is a photo of the Dove advertising campaign.

    Dove has apologised after releasing a series of "racist" images that appeared to show a black woman turning white after using their soap.

    The Facebook advertising campaign used a series of three images, showing a black woman peeling off her T-shirt to reveal a white woman underneath her skin.

    A third image shows the white woman undressing to reveal an Asian woman.

    "We deeply regret the offense it caused," the brand tweeted.

    An image we recently posted on Facebook missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully. We deeply regret the offense it caused.

    The Facebook campaign has now been removed, but Nay the mua, an American makeup artist, saw the photos come up on her feed and shared them with her followers.

    Dove apologised for 'racist' Facebook advert showing a black woman turning white after using @Dove lotion.

    "So I'm scrolling through Facebook and this is the #dove ad that comes up.... ok so what am I looking at," she wrote in her photo's caption.

    It's sparked a lot of debate on social media with some people accusing the brand of racism and whitewashing.


    Dove marketing execs approving that racist adWhile others in the comments beneath Nay's post were quick to point out they thought the brand was trying to say the soap could be used by all races.

    "I think they meant it's for all skin types... it went from black to white to another race," said one Facebook user.

    "The third woman is definitely not white but this was a bad deliverance of the message that all can use the soap," posted another.

    And in some cases the new campaign has even led to people highlighting controversial moments in the brand's past.

    In 2011, Dove was accused of racism for using a before and after image that appeared to place three women on a colour gradient, with the lightest woman suggested as the end result.

    You have done it in the past.<img class="Emoji Emoji--forText" title="Face with rolling eyes" src="https://abs.twimg.com/emoji/v2/72x72/1f644.png" alt="

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  • Ethiopian man to be charged $ 25 million ,Habtamu Gebreselassie, 24, is accused of assaults at Massage

    Masseur, 24, ‘ripped off woman’s sheet and committed sex act on her during session at nationwide chain that COVERED UP his previous molestation of three women’, according to $25million lawsuit

    • Habtamu Gebreselassie, 24, is accused of assaults at Massage Envy locations
    • He has been charged in two alleged assaults from August and September
    • ‘Jane Doe’ says he assaulted her in September at Massage Envy’s DC location
    • Suit says he was moved to DC from a Bowie location due to previous incident
    • In total four women have come forward to accuse him of molestation or assault 
    • He turned down a plea deal and is held without bail; he’s next in court October 11
    • Doe demands $25m for fear, humiliation and distress that will ‘last a lifetime’

    Accused: Habtamu Gebreselassie, 24, has been accused of abusing four women and is now being sued – along with his ex-employer, Envy Massage, for more than $25 million

    A Maryland masseur has been accused in a new lawsuit of sexually abusing a woman during an appointment at a nationwide massage chain.

    The suit, filed on Tuesday, accuses Habtamu Gebreselassie, 24, of pulling the towel off a client at a DC branch of Massage Envy and licking her vagina ‘without invitation, warning or consent’ before he ‘fell to his knees and apologized.’

    It also claims that Gebreselassie had previously abused other female patrons of Massage Envy, and that the company had moved him to new locations as a response, rather than firing him.

    This comes after four women – including ‘Jane Doe,’ who filed the suit – came forward to accuse Gebreselassie of sexual misconduct.

    According to the suit, Doe – who is in her twenties – was in the final 15 minutes of a 90-minute massage at a location at 4926 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, in DC when the assault occurred.

    She had been naked except for a sheet and had an eye pillow covering her eyes when Gebreselassie, who is originally from Ethiopia, made his move, the suit claims.

    He moved the sheet and then licked her – leaving her ‘fearful and in shock’ – before apologizing, the suit says.

    It also claims that he refused to leave the room until she told him more than six times that they were ‘done’.

    'Abuse': 'Jane Doe' claims in the suit that Gebreselassie licked her vagina here then refused to leave when she told him to. She also says company had been told he'd done this before

    Doe then reported the incident to police and was given a rape kit to test for sexually transmitted diseases – results she’s still waiting on – and Gebreselassie was arrested, it claims.

    Even more worryingly, the suit alleges that Envy Massage Franchise – the parent company, which has 1,170 locations across the US – was aware of him having committed similar acts on other female clients.

    It had moved him from a Bowie, Maryland location to the DC franchisee after he molested a woman at that location, the suit says.

    And when he took a second victim at the DC location, the company kept him on and allowed him to work with more women it alleges.

    In total, four women – including Doe – have reported abuse by Gebreselassie, NBC 4  reported. He has been charged in two of the alleged incidents.

    The first alleged victim told police that he had inappropriately touched her while giving her a massage on the 2000 block of P Street NW in DC. Massage Envy does not appear to have a location on that street.

    The second alleged victim said she was abused on June 20 at Bowie’s Massage Envy, when he touched her inappropriately, bruised her and made her feel uncomfortable.

    When she complained to management they refused to let her cancel her membership, instead offering her a free spa package and telling her he’d been shipped off to a DC location, she claims.

    'Molested': Another woman said she was molested by him at this location in Bowie, Maryland - and that they sent him to a DC location and offered a free spa treatment when she complained

    ‘Molested’: Another woman said she was molested by him at this location in Bowie, Maryland – and that they sent him to a DC location and offered a free spa treatment when she complained

    On August 28, a 66-year-old woman was being given a massage by Gebreselassie in the DC Massage Envy when he touched her inappropriately, she told police.

    She claimed that after she shouted at him, he fell to his knees and told her: ‘I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what got into me.’

    The woman complained to the location’s manager on September 5.

    Jailed: Gebreselassie, who is from Ethiopia but lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, is jailed without bond and is in court on October 11. He has turned down a plea deal

    A DC detective told a court on September 21 that the company had given him additional training and let him keep his job.

    Three weeks later, Doe says, she was also abused at that same location.

    She is now demanding more than $25 million in damages for ‘fear, emotional distress and humiliation’ that she will suffer ‘for the rest of her life.’

    Gebreselassie was in court on September 21, where he declined a plea agreement and was held without bond. His next date in court is October 11.

    He has been fired by Massage Envy.

    When contacted about the lawsuit by DailyMail.com, Massage Envy, LLC responded:  ‘We do not comment on ongoing legal matters.’

    When asked about the accusations by NBC 4 last week it said that it would not discuss ‘confidential employment matters.’

    ‘We can say that Massage Envy Franchising has a Zero Tolerance Policy on inappropriate conduct and requires its franchisees to conduct fair, thorough and objective investigations with respect to any allegation of inappropriate conduct,’ a statement said.

    ‘We are evaluating any additional information we receive to verify that requirement was met in this instance.’

    The company confirmed that prior to working in the DC location, ‘The therapist briefly trained at another location owned by the same franchise owner.’

    'Humiliated': Doe's suit is demanding $25m in damages for humiliation and distress from Gebreselassie, Massage Envy and its franchisee
    Married? Gebreselassie's Facebook page shows him with a woman, but it's unclear if they are still together.

    Married? Gebreselassie’s Facebook page shows him with a woman, but it’s unclear if they are still together. Doe’s suit is demanding $25m in damages for humiliation and distress

    Source : DailyMail

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  • Bereket Simon to handover CBE board chairmanship

    Bereket Simon to handover CBE board chairmanship

    Bereket Simon to handover CBE board chairmanship

    Bereket Simon, chairman of board of directors of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), is due to hand over his position to

    Yinager Dessie (PhD), Commissioner of the National Planning Commission. A letter signed by Sintayehu Woldemichael (PhD),

    director of Public Financial Institutions Supervisory Agency, on Thursday October 11, 2017, notified Bereket of the termination

    of his tenure as CBE’s board, leaving out the reason for his replacement.

    Bereket will handover his chairmanship to his successor on October 30, 2017.

    CBE’s board of directors has eight members. Personalities like Abay Tsehaye, the recently deceased Wolday Amha (PhD),

    and the former procurement head of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Getachew Negera, had served at

    CBE’s board at different times. It is to be remembered that Getachew Negera has been detained in relation to the recent

    corruption crackdown. 

    Among the veteran EPRDF leadership, Bereket Simon is currently the deputy director of the Ethiopian Policy Research

    Center. Previously, he held different positions in the government including Minister of Information and the first head of

    the Government’s Communications Affairs Office.

    Yinager is expected to assume his chairmanship starting November 1, 2017.

    Yinager, former State Minister of Foreign Affairs, is currently serving as a board chairman of the Ethiopian Commodities

    Exchange (ECX) and is member of the board of Ethiopian Hotels Share Company that controls Hilton Hotel Addis Ababa.

    The Reporter’s efforts to reach both Bereket Simon and Yinager Dessie (PhD) have not been fruitful. Although reached

    by The Reporter, Sintayehu as well was not willing to comment on the development.

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    Addis Abeba – Oct. 10/2017 – In an urgent statement released to the media this afternoon, the federal government communication affairs bureau issued a stern warning to the Somali regional state communication bureau to stop publishing and distributing inciting messages immediately.

    According to the statement, at such a time when the Oromia and Somali regional states were experiencing a  fragile security situation,  the messages appearing on the Facebook pages of the Somali regional state communication bureau as well as the Facebook page of the head of the bureau Idris Ismael Abdi were against the recent warning by the federal government for all parties to cease disseminating inciting  materials.

    The warning particularity mentioned a statement released on Idris Ismael Abdi’s page on Tuesday Oct. 05 referring to The Oromo Peoples war against Ethiopian Somalis”. 

    “[The statement violates the federal government’s direction”,  the statement said. It also added that this was not expected from any leadership which is tasked to implement the federal democratic rule of law. “It is clear” that such acts also threaten the “sustainable peace and security of the nation.” The statement further warned similar acts from other regional state communication bureaus and said the relevant government body will further investigate the matter and decide on the next step.

    The statement came after several reckless posts were released on the Facebook pages of Idris Ismael Abdi in the last few months.

    Although they appear to be measured responses, his counterpart from the Oromia Regional State, Addisu Arega Kitessa,has also been using his Facebook page to respond to allegations from Idris Ismael Abdi in the initial period of the violence, which has now displaced more than 15,000 Oromos from the Somali regional state.

    The Federal Broadcast Authority has already issued and circulated a letter among regional and federal government communication affairs bureaus and state owned media organizations calling on all to refrain from disseminating inciting materials regarding the conflict. Today’s statement also called for restrain from all sides. AS

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